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The AF Stuff

Ovant Verve (60mls per glass)
Cranberry Juice (30mls – aim for a tart juice, not a sweet one)
Orange Juice (15mls)
Simple Syrup (15mls – or pretty much any liquid sweetener, try maple syrup!)

The Tools

Martini Glass
Cocktail Shaker
Small Saucepan (to make the sugar syrup, if you can be bothered)

What You Need to Know

We know the Cosmo because of Sex and the City. But it’s actually been around since at least the 1930’s when it was made with raspberries, not cranberries. And, if you want to go full cocktail nerd, it’s really just a sexed up “sour”, a style of drink that goes all the way back to the British Navy in the 1700s! Thankfully, it was the cocktail that made a fashionable comeback, not the tricorn hats.

The Wisecrack CosNOpolitan subs out the vodka citron for Ovant Verve, a deliciously citrus non alc spirit. Everything else is pretty much the same, but without the stumbles and awkward SATC moments.

How You Do It

If you can be bothered making the sugar syrup, place 200g of caster sugar in a saucepan with 100mls of water. Stir constantly over a medium heat until the sugar completely dissolves. Let it cool….or just reach for your maple or agave syrup.

Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker with ice. Shake like you’ve never shaken before…and pour into a martini glass. Feeling like the full SATC swanky NY night club vibe? Garnish with a slice of lime. Cheers!


Image courtesy of Taylor Simpson