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Non alcoholic cocktail recipe Bae

The AF Stuff

Vera Gino (50mls per glass)
Bay Leaf and Vanilla Cordial (20mls per glass)
Soda Water
Mint Sprig

The Tools

Highball Glass
Cocktail Stirrer
Mason Jar (to make the bay leaf and vanilla cordial)

What You Need to Know

This drink harkens back to old fashioned times, making it rather fashionable as it turns out. Other than making the cordial, this lovely bevvie relies on 3 simple ingredients. Time to get nostalgic.

How You Do It

To make the cordial, tear a bunch of fresh bay leaves into little pieces and put them in a mason jar with a vanilla bean, 200g of sugar and 300mls of water. Put your feet up for 12 hours while the cordial infuses. Check your watch. 12 hours done? Great! Pour 50mls of Vera Gino and 20mls of the cordial into the highball glass, add ice to taste, top with soda water, stir. Cooool!