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Non alcoholic cocktail recipe Espresso MartinISH

The AF Stuff

RumISH (60mls per glass)
Espresso Coffee (40mls per glass)
Chocolate Syrup (30mls per glass)

The Tools

Martini Glass or Champagne Coupe
Cocktail Shaker

What You Need to Know

Originally invented by bartender Dirk Bradsell in London for a supermodel who wanted a drink that would “Wake me up, then f*ck me up.” This version will do the former, but definitely not the latter. Plus it tastes pretty damn fine.

How You Do It

Pour all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Fill the cocktail shaker with ice, and shake shake shake! Strain into a martini glass or champagne coupe. And that’s it. You’re beyond a supermodel – you’re a role model. Now selfie the f*ck outta that thing!