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Non alcoholic cocktail recipe Happy HugoISH

The AF Stuff

Chateau del ISH White (one can)
Elderflower Cordial (15mls per glass)
Lime Juice (15mls per glass)
Mint Leaves

The Tools

Highball Glass or Wine Glass
Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Muddler (or a big spoon)
Cocktail Spoon (or a littler spoon)

What You Need to Know

The Italians love aperitivo. Which is fair enough. They did invent it. And the Happy HugoISH is its latest reinvention. More a spritz than a traditional aperitif, it still does the job. Crisp, light and oh so refreshing. Sundown? Golden hour? Any hour!

How You Do It

Pour 15mls each of elderflower cordial and lime juice in a cocktail shaker with a generous sprig of mint and muddle like you mean it. Fill the cocktail shaker with ice and top with the Chateau del ISH White. Stir gently and then strain into the highball glass. You should probably make two, because you won’t want to stop at one!