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Non alcoholic cocktail recipe Ice H

The AF Stuff

Vera Winterspell (50mls per glass)
Demerara Sugar Syrup (10mls per glass)
Iced Rooibos Tea (100mls per glass)

The Tools

Whisky Tumbler
Cocktail Stirrer
Small Saucepan (to make the demerara sugar syrup)

What You Need to Know

This is next level iced tea. You know you want it. Mainly because, who wouldn’t in this heat and humidity? Earthy rooibos perfectly compliments the perfumed spice of the Vera Winterspell. Cocktails for morning tea? You bet!

How You Do It

To make the demerara sugar syrup place 200g of demerara sugar in a saucepan with 100mls of water. Stir constantly over a medium heat until the sugar completely dissolves. Let it cool… 

Add ice to taste to the whisky tumbler, pour 50 mls of Vera Winterspell and 10mls of the sugar syrup into the whisky tumbler. Top with iced rooibos tea.