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Non alcoholic cocktail recipe Night Cap

The AF Stuff

Oddbird Spumante
50g Ginger
30ml Lemon Juice

The Tools

Whisky Tumbler
Saucepan (to make honey syrup)
Blender (to make ginger water)
Cocktail Spoon

What You Need to Know

A little complicated to get going, but oh so good when it’s done. This drink packs some sweet heat. Works well as a winter warmer, throat soother, and spicy kicker for tropical climes.

How You Do It

First, make a honey syrup by mixing 8 parts honey with 2 parts hot water.

Second, make a ginger water by combining 50g of ginger with 200mls of water in a blender and blending until you have a smooth mix. Let the ginger water sit for 20 minutes and then strain. 

Third, combine 7 parts honey syrup with 3 parts ginger water. 

Finally, combine 20mls of the honey and ginger mix with 30mls of lemon juice in the whisky tumbler, add ice to taste and top with Oddbird Spumante.