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Non alcoholic cocktail recipes Peach Me I’m Dreaming

The AF Stuff

Wild Life Botanicals Blush 
Peach Puree, Nectar or Juice (40mls per glass)
Natural Vanilla Essence (2 drops per glass)

The Tools

Champagne Flute
Cocktail Spoon

What You Need to Know

Wild Life’s take on the classic Bellini. Super simple. Zero prep. 100% sophistication. 0% booze. This has got brunch or cocktail party starter written all over it.

How You Do It

Fill the bottom third of the champagne flute with peach puree (or nectar or juice). Add two drops of vanilla essence. Stir. Top the glass with Wild Life Botanicals Blush. Stir very gently to combine, being careful not to create too much fizz. Unless that’s what you like, then fizz away!