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Non alcoholic cocktail recipe  Upcoming Down Under

The AF Stuff

Oddbird Blanc de Blanc
½ Kiwi Fruit
½ Lime
Teaspoon of Demerara Sugar

The Tools

Highball Glass
Cocktail Muddler (or a big spoon!)
Cocktail Spoon (or a littler spoon!)

What You Need to Know

Straight from the Oddbird cocktail recipe book. Refined, but relaxed enough to throw back. A little sweet for sure…but balanced by a delicious lime tang. This has brunch and early afternoon written all over it.

How You Do It

Peel ½ a kiwi and muddle (crush) in the highball glass with the juice of ½ a lime and a teaspoon of demerara sugar. Add ice to taste and top with Oddbird Blanc de Blanc. Stir gently.