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The Wisecrack Negroni

The AF Stuff

Ovant Grace (60mls per glass)
Martini Vibrante (15mls per glass)
Wilfred's (15mls per glass)
Maple Syrup 

The Tools

Whisky Tumbler
Cocktail Spoon

What You Need to Know

The Negroni is an alcoholic classic. But let's be real. It pretty much tastes like booze. So we invented The Wisecrack Negroni! A take on the classic that actually tastes good. Nah, it tastes amazing! 
Amazing bitterness from Martini Vibrante (Martini pretty much invented the Negroni) with a modern twist from Wilfred's. All rounded out with the delicate botanicals of Ovant Grace.

How You Do It

Place a large chunk of ice into the whisky tumbler. Add the Ovant Grace, Martini Vibrante and Wilfred's. Pour a splash (to taste) of maple syrup into the glass and stir. Thoroughly. Garnish with an orange slice. Sip and enjoy!