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How to go no/lo

This is what happens when, despite your best efforts to deliver a highly concentrated good time for yourself by adding a dose of alcohol to your downtime, you end up being confronted by a Seaspiracy-type awakening when you comedown. Being visited by the fact that you’ve wasted time, money and energy trying to feel better is nearly as bad as realising that you’ve now got way less wherewithal to deal with the problem of feeling worse than you did before you started.

Welcome to the no/lo movement. You and many others have figured out that having fun shouldn’t be so un-fun. This has coincided with the availability of new non alcoholic drink options. Score! There’s never been an easier time to make a switch. Not sure how to find your way in? Just follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Decide

Are you in or out? You don’t have to give up alcohol for good, or go cold turkey for a whole month (you’re probably better off cutting back instead of going hard on the abstinence for Dry July and Sober October if you’re going to rebound with a blowout drinking sesh). But giving no/lo a go ain’t gonna work if you don’t want to do it. So, if booze is still delivering a quality of life that you’re into and it’s not being a downer in other areas of your life, then go you good thing. But if alcohol is taking up a wee bit too much space then, welcome to the alternative, where the fun and flavour can continue, and you can feel better.

Step 2: Learn

Don’t worry, we’re not talking research. Just conduct a mild appraisal of your habits and preferences: note what you like to drink, when you like to drink certain drinks, why you like them, who you like to drink them with, and where. All of this intel will help you identify what type of non alcoholic drinks are good for you: beer, spirits, ready-to-drink blends, aperitif, sparkling or cider. Or all of the above!

Step 3: Select

There’s a tonne of non alcoholic products out there. It can be hard to know what to choose. Your best bet is to find a non alcoholic bottle shop online - hello Wisecrack Drinks! We act like an aggregator, bringing the best non alcoholic drinks together in each category. Check out our tasting notes and other product info to select the right non alcoholic drinks for you. 

Step 4: Drink

Crack it open and drink. Now that alcohol isn’t present to dull your tastebuds, eventually you should be able to pick up a range of delicious flavours you’ve never noticed before. And this transforms the drinking experience into one of truly savouring the moment (mindful drinking), instead of drinking for drinking’s sake. Revolutionary. Plus, you’re getting a stack more benefits like no/lo sugar and calories. But the best part: get ready for better health, mood, sleep, energy and happiness. Now you get to weigh up if the momentary buzz you get from alcohol is worth the trade for all those gains.

Step 5: Adjust

Time to experiment! If you didn’t hit on the right products for you first time round, that’s just part of the process: you’re discovering a whole new way of drinking! So mix it up. Literally, try different mixers and measures, drink in different settings, try them on your own and with others. Check out our recipes. (add hyperlink).

Step 6: Repeat

And that’s all there is to it. Now back to the Step 1. Going no/lo is easy. The biggest hurdle is making the mind shift. And for that, there’s a heap of resources, apps and inspirational Instagram accounts (hyperlink to the blogs I’m working on).

Our advice?


If your friends aren’t no/lo, join a sober curious community for support. And suggest one of these bars in Singapore that offer non alcoholic drinks next time you need to socialise. Finally, build a relationship with your drinks supplier – they’ll be able to recommend products that please your palate. Because, sober doesn’t mean serious. Or second best.

Image courtesy of Nate Johnston