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Tips for pub dates with mates when you're sober and social

“Let’s go for a beer!” It’s hard to say no. If you're a bloke it can be hard to explain yourself against a culture that expects it. But what happens when you don’t want to drink? Or more accurately, when you want to drink, just not booze? As far as we’re concerned, nothing should change at all - surely the point is to hang out with your mates, not to get sh*t faced? In an ideal world no one would bat an eyelid, but in the real world, choosing not to drink with the guys still raises some eyebrows.

On the plus side, society is changing and most men have at least heard about non alcoholic drinks these days. Blokes that are into health and fitness will even know there’s some incredible non alcoholic beers and other non alcoholic drinks available with minimal effort. So, pair easy access with our clever strategies below and you’ll have no trouble putting your mates at ease when you want to be social and sober.

  1. Be the organiser

The easiest way to make sure you’ve got your beverage of choice available is to choose the bar. Suss out in advance bars that stock alcohol free beers and avoid ever having to ask the booze free question in the first place. And we’ve made the choice super simple. Check out our Ultimate Guide to the Best Bars in Singapore serving Non Alcoholic Drinks

  1. Don’t mention it

In the spirit of zero f*cks given, there’s no reason to draw attention to the fact that you’re drinking drinks with no alcohol in them. Just order what you want. If it’s no big deal for you it’s probably going to be no big deal for them.

  1. Be prepared

Someone’s probably going to ask you why you’re not drinking alcohol (either out of curiosity or just to be a d*ck), so be prepared. Have some comebacks to wheel out that put you on the front foot and put alpha males making d*ck moves on the back foot. Example:

  • You’re training for a triathlon, getting up early for boot camp, and generally crushing your dad bod.
  • You’re writing a novel, building a self-driving car, solving world hunger or just got better things to do than being hungover.
  • It makes you better in the sack. It’s true! You should probably always say this.
  1. Talk about the elephant in the room

Honesty is the best policy. If you’re asked why you’re not drinking, have a straightforward conversation to explain that you’re sometimes/always not drinking alcohol, but that’s got nothing to do with being available for a beer. Frankly, if the only reason your mates want you around is to see you drunk, it might be time to hang out with some people you have more in common with. And if they want you at the pub so they can bend your ear, remind them that you’re probably capable of giving better advice when you’re not trollied, (though your dance moves may suffer).

Got any other words of wisdom? Share them with us so we can share them with others.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash