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Break The Bias - No More Mummy Juice Marketing

It’s International Women’s Day 2022, the theme is #BreakTheBias, and we’re here to support that in the best way we know how: by drinking…differently.

Since one third of our team is female (that’d be Skye), and we’re in the business of providing alcohol alternatives - as well doing a nice sideline in gently banging the mindful drinking and sober curious drum - it seems only natural that we address the big bad bias in our particular room: the insidious culture of “Mummy Juice”.
Because half the population shouldn’t be reduced to demeaning memes just because they decide to give one of their hands a break from spinning plates in the air so it can hold a glass of wine instead.
It’s no secret that parenting is hard. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that women, who statistically still take on most of the caregiving and mental load of raising kids, sometimes want to enjoy things that are easy…not necessarily things that are so easy that it means getting more kids to look after. More like a foot massage. A magazine flick. A moment to Wordle. Or. A drink.

Because there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of vino. It can be relaxing. But you don’t need that inclination marketed back to you in the form of a mug that says When you Whine, I Wine. For one, you don’t drink wine out of a mug. And two: normalising drinking as self-care in order to profit is pretty poor form. Because, yes, the stereotype exists for a reason; some of us confront the vicious cycle: problem parenting = problem drinking.

Sidebar. What is problem parenting? Parental burnout. What is problem drinking? If alcohol is interfering with your daily life, maybe it’s a problem. You be the judge. We’re not here to judge you. Let us judge the industry instead…

Basically, slapping sexist slogans (where’s the Daddy Juice jokes?) on greeting cards, that trivialise the habit of drinking in order to cope with the unrelenting work of raising kids, can have a damaging effect on your ability to recognise what you should expect for yourself and what a healthy response to stress should be.

For women, who usually end up with a significantly more altered identity, freedom of movement, and life trajectory after having kids than men do, the simple act of pouring a drink at the end of the day, is sometimes the only truly autonomous choice they might make in a day.
At its core, it’s this desire to reclaim some free agency over their lives that can have women saying yes to cracking open several bottles on a playdate, or thinking about what time today they’ll allow themselves to pour a glass.

So what if we #BreakTheBias and ignore the Mummy Juice stigma long enough to see what’s behind the habit? Maybe there’ll be space to consider if there’s something else you want to do - or drink - for an outlet, that doesn’t include the risk of spiralling behaviour dressed up as mummy fun.

And while we’re at it, let’s #BreakTheBias that there’s a perfect mum you have to live up to that causes some of this sh*t in the first place. You’re it and you’re #wise_af. 

photo courtesy of Rafal Szczawinski