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Cut down on calories by switching alcohol for non alcoholic drinks

It's no secret that non alcoholic drinks are better for you than alcohol. Most of the time we weigh this up in terms of the damaging effects of the alcohol. But there's other ways to compare the benefits of non alcoholic drinks versus alcohol. As we start sizing up our swim suits for summer, let's look at one big way that low alcohol drinks are better for your bod than alcohol: less calories!

Alcohol is laden with sugar and calories that can lead to weight gain. By switching to non alcoholic drinks you can reduce that calorific intake significantly. Take a look at our side by side calories comparisons to get the picture...


1. Full Strength Lager versus Non Alcoholic Lager

Aahhh, the stuff that beer bellies are made of. If you like your lager but don't like the gut that comes with it, you can resize simply by swapping to a low alcohol lager instead. The quality of non alcoholic beer has come a long way in recent years. They're often created by people passionate about delivering a great beer experience to beer lovers, who pride themselves on showing customers that you can have the full flavour of beer without downsides. Taste to believe. 


2. Full Strength White Wine versus Non Alcoholic White Wine

If the length of wine time is getting longer and longer (who doesn't need wine time to be a chance for a bit of whine time with friends at the end of the week), why don't you swap it out for some non alcoholic wine so you're not knocking back so many calories? You can always try going full strength on the first bottle and having a non alcoholic wine bottle next. You're taste buds are dulled by then and can't fully appreciate a full strength wine properly anyway.  


3. Full Strength Pilsner versus Non Alcoholic Pilsner

Craft non alcoholic beers are popping up everywhere. They're practically begging to be sampled. Why consume the alcohol and calories when you can get a great alcohol free beer that rivals the full strength stuff. You might not get as buzzed, but you won't be heavier afterwards either. 


4. Full Strength Red Wine versus Non Alcoholic Red Wine

It's a challenge to find a decent non alcoholic red wine. Which many people return to the original. The fact is, non alcoholic wine can't compete with full strength red wine on flavour. So don't compare them side by side on that score. But if you've already made the decision not to drink alcohol a different set of criteria can come into play as to how you assess them. Accept that non alcoholic red wine produces a different flavour and sample them till you find the best in the category to suit your palate. And keep in mind the calories you'll be saving. 



5. Full Strength Sparkling Wine versus Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

You know those champagne brunches and lunches where you day drink just because everyone else is and end up feeling seedy for hours after a momentary high? Non alcoholic sparkling wine was made to make all that go away. There's so many to choose from and a lot of them taste great and don't make you feel like you're missing out one bit. Drinking non alcoholic bubbly for celebrations can feel every bit as special as champagne, without the headache and hangover. 


6. Full Strength Gin and Tonic versus Non Alcoholic Gin and Tonic

There are some amazing non alcoholic gin and tonics available. You can get premixed versions in individual serving sizes, or get a bottle of spirits to measure and mix according to your preferences. They can easily be dressed up with garnish too, just like the original. Extremely satisfying and refreshing.



7. Full Strength Stout versus Non Alcoholic Stout

Who would've thunk it eh?! Non alcoholic stout is tasty stuff. So much so that Guinness 0.0 is constantly selling out worldwide and the producers can't keep up with demand! The thing is though, it's popularity is not due to the fact that it is somehow a better take on a non alcoholic version of a popular drink. A lot of the demand is also driven by brand awareness. People know and trust the Guinness label, so they're more likely to purchase the brand's non alcoholic offering compared to non alcoholic drinks from other producers. Don't get us wrong - it's an excellent non alcoholic beverage. But so are many other non alcoholic drinks. It's just that people are not as familiar with them. So if you buy some of this to drink, why not pick another non alcoholic drink you're not so familiar with and explore some other categories. 


8. Full Strength Spritz versus Non Alcoholic Spritz

Honestly, why would you ever go back to a boozy Spritz when you can have this. It's got bite, refreshment, sophistication and total satisfaction. So while you sit in your swimmers considering whether or not to have another full strength spritz while you stretch out in the sun, think about how much tighter you'll be in your lycra if you opt for this instead. 


9. Full Strength Cider versus Non Alcoholic Cider 

Granted, there are some non alcoholic ciders that taste like sparkling apple juice. But we've found some that are crisp and tart, made by generations of cider-making families. With proper cider apples too! Definitely recommend tasting some.


10. Full Strength Mojito versus Non Alcoholic Mojito

Mojito's contain a lot of sugar. You can literally watch a bartender crush some in the mix as they muddle all the delightfully refreshing ingredients together. A ready-to-drink non alcoholic Mojito has a lot less calories and requires no mixing and muddling at all. And nor will you feel muddled after drinking it whether you have 1 or 6. A great drink to keep stocked in the fridge to beat the Singapore heat when you want an adult bevvie. 


11. Full Strength Cuba Libre versus Non Alcoholic Cuba Libre

Cola, lime and rum = yum! And there's no extra tum with this one. We love it when things rhyme. And have reason. The lack of calories in this is reason enough to opt for an alcohol free Cuba Libre. 


12. Full Strength Daiquiri versus Non Alcoholic Daiquiri

A daiquiri is definitely a super-calorific way to wind down. If you want to cut back on the sugar and calories, opting for a non alcoholic version is a smart move. It's even pre-mixed and portable so you can easily take it along to cocktail hour at a mate's house or decant into a glass for parties. 


13. Full Strength Whiskey Sour versus Non Alcoholic Whiskey Sour

How we love a whiskey sour at night. It's very much a weakness when neat whiskey is too much. But yeah, they're laden with lots of sugar and calories and not kind in the morning. So finding an non alcoholic version has been a thing of joy. Always got some of these in the fridge for a nightcap.  


And that wraps up our latest list of calories comparisons between alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Just goes to show there's a low calorie, low sugar and low alcohol option of pretty much every popular drink. Whether you're into beer, wine, sparkling, cider or cocktails, we can quickly deliver awesome non alcoholic options to you.