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Heaps Normal Founders Wisecrack Drinks

Ordering a non alcoholic beer in an Aussie pub used to be a joke. But not any more. Thanks to this bunch, the world now has Heaps Normal and Aussie pubs now have one of the best non alcoholic beers in the world.

It all started with CEO, Andy Miller, a beer professional who was tired of the booze and wanted a bevvie he could enjoy without the effects of alcohol. So he decided to make it. And in so doing, help change the direction of drinking culture in Australia - long overdue. 

First, he needed a brewer, so he tapped Ben Holdstock, who has worked for some of Australia’s leading craft breweries. To develop the Heaps Normal brand, he then brought in Peter Brennan, someone familiar with the effects of alcohol abuse. And to tell the story far and wide, is Jordy Smith, a professional surfer who ditched the booze on his quest to win a world title. What a team!

The great thing about these guys is that all they want to do is brew great tasting beer…without the downsides. There's no preaching, just a good demonstration of what you can get done sans booze, and a commitment to flavour that wins everyone over. 

“We’re not saying don’t drink. We’re saying find your own normal.”

Heaps Normal’s mission is not to make alcohol the enemy. All they want to do is provide you with a more mindful option that tastes great, so you're not missing anything.