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Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe Book

Non Alcoholic Recipe Books are a good resource to have so you can sophisticated drinks sans alcohol. Learning how to make non alcoholic cocktails at home is a fun way to satisfy urges and keep you motivated if you’re doing an alcohol free challenge. And you can whip up impressive drinks for house parties.

There’s a number of beautiful non alcoholic cocktail books out there, but many of them call for obscure ingredients and/or require a lot of preparation. Others are critiqued as being glorified juices and don’t satisfy those looking for a sophisticated cocktail experience. So we’ve kept the listing here modest, with titles that take in the spectrum.

Zero Proof: 90 Non Alcoholic Recipes for Mindful Drinking By Elva Ramirez

When the biggest names in bars get excited about people not drinking alcohol, you know the no/lo movement is a big deal. In response to the increase in consumers re-examining their relationship with alcohol, New York-based journalist, Elva Ramirez, decided to interview leading mixologists about the creative opportunity this presents them with. This book is the culmination of those conversations and an inspiring collection of non alcoholic recipes from the world’s top bars in Paris, London and New York.

Sobering thought: A lot of the recipes contained in this beautifully presented book call for special ingredients and syrups. They’re not that complicated but if that’s not your thing or you don’t have the time, you can adapt. If one of the reasons you’re cutting down on alcohol is to reduce your sugar intake you might want to substitute some of the syrups for alternatives too. We like that these non alcoholic mixed drinks stack up against cocktails, and are not just glorified juices and smoothies.

Good Drinks: Alcohol Free Recipes for When You’re Not Drinking for Whatever Reason By Julia Bainbridge

Julia Bainbridge is arguably the doyenne of the non alcoholic drinks movement. After writing about the food and drinks scene for years, a change in her personal drinking preference coincided with a public shift. She noticed that people were not only becoming more aware of the impact that altering their alcohol intake had on their wellness, but they were also discovering that they didn’t have to go without – they are a legitimate customer segment and can demand better options. So she got herself a book deal and went on a drinking and driving trip across the US (strictly non alcoholic of course), visiting stand-out bartenders and learning how to make beautifully crafted and satisfying non alcoholic cocktails.

Sobering thought: The non alcoholic drinks contained in this bar bible are so delicious and complex, that alcohol is redundant. However, they take serious commitment to build and source ingredients for – you’ll be in the kitchen making these, not shaking them up at a side table. It’s worth it of course, but not something you want to do every day. But then, you probably wouldn’t rock up to a cocktail bar for a fancy cocktail everyday either. Suffice to say, these recipes are perfect for special occasions and impressing friends. And it would be a worthy investment for most mixologists.

Mocktails by Caroline Hwang

Urgh, can we just say how much we dislike the word ‘mocktail’. It conjures up thoughts of Shirley Temples and kids menus. In other words, it does nothing to convey the maturity, originality and diversity of non alcoholic drinks. There is so much more possible beyond grenadine, soda and fake cherries. Now we’ve got that off our chest, let’s move past the title and on to the contents of the book. The recipes here are more accessible than in the titles above. Plus it includes teas and toddies. But you’ll still get a decent drink out of it with less time in the kitchen.

Sobering thought: We like how this book has visual depictions of each ingredient so you can familiarise yourself with the components that make up the drinks: from fruit to flowers, vegetables and herbs.

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