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Sober curious Instagram accounts

There’s lots of resources out there for the sober curious these days. But some of them take themselves quite seriously, focusing on alcohol intake instead of the fun you can have when you’re not drinking. So we thought we’d pop along with a short list of Instagram accounts that pep us up.

Sober Otter

So much happy! If pastel slogans and star motifs don’t make you feel ill, this Instagram account is a joyful place to come for quick affirmations on sober life and loving yourself. The captions are nice and bite-size too. Thank you Esther, for creating a rainbow of a resource for those times you need to give yourself a quick pep talk and find a pot of gold. Sweet.



From the same lady that brings us Sober Otter, comes this new online arts magazine, celebrating sober creativity. Because you don’t have to be a tragic, struggling artist to create meaningful art anymore.


Zero Proof Cocktails

Totally yum! This is home-base for the New York based mindful drinking journo, Elva Ramirez. As the author of the new non alcoholic cocktail recipe book, Zero Proof, her feed is full of inspiration for making mixed drinks. Due to the access that her vocation facilitates, she’s able to bring us recipes by some of the world’s best bartenders as well. A handy little resource.


Tawny Lara

There’s a lot going on here. Ms Lara is a sober sex writer with a blog following, two podcasts (Recovery Rocks which she co-hosts, and F*cking Sober, which tracks a sober journey), and lots of speaking and guest opportunities. She writes about being bisexual, sex addiction, and slowing down on alcohol, because she was a bit over hearing herself complain about having no time and energy to get stuff done. Now she does a lot. Her Instagram account is loud but fresh, welcoming, and progressive.


Julia Bainbridge

The doyenne of non alcoholic drinks movements, this lady is a powerhouse when it comes to moving the needle on the acceptance of alcohol alternatives and sober lifestyle. Some times she says a little, sometimes she says s lot, but you can find your way to the forefront of changes to drinking culture by checking in here to see what’s being shared. Oh, and she’s also the author of Good Drinks. Non alcoholic recipes, of course.


Drop the Bottle

OK, this Instagram account is filled with a lot of the philosophising quotes you find on other sober accounts. But there’s 2 differences here: 1. Instead of having long captions, they let the tiles do the talking. 2. They have a website and instead of selling courses and coaching, you can bag a whole lot of sober slogan-laden merch, from hoodies to mugs.


Fucking Sober

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea – some of it cuts close to the bone – but if you like your humour dark and your drinks light, as you navigate a new world as a non alcoholic drinker, there are in-jokes to be had here. The struggle might be real but it doesn’t mean you can’t use memes and questionable quotes to laugh about it.


Check out some inspiring profiles on people changing their relationship with alcohol.


Image courtesy of Amy Shamblen