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Morten Sorensen ISH Wisecrack Drinks Singapore

No doubt you've heard of Dry January. Maybe you've even done a 30 day booze-free challenge like Sober October. Well, Morten Sorensen decided to go all in. No booze for 100 days. But he didn’t want to be a hermit. He still wanted to “meet for drinks”. So what did he do? This enterprising Dane decided to create his own non alcoholic drinks company instead.

Morten didn't want to finish the challenge only to go on a bender and wind up back where he started. And he was pretty sure others didn't want to either. So, if he could create a range of drinks that could be enjoyed by anyone doing an alcohol free challenge, it wouldn't feel so much like toughing it out. And by providing an alternative that enables people to continue drinking, it could lead to more sustainable lifestyle changes beyond an alcohol free drinking challenge.

Using a variety of techniques, Morten and his team came up with a range of drinks, including sparkling wines, spirits and ready-to-drink mixed drinks (RTD's) - everything you need to “meet for drinks”. We're a big fan of their range for their ability to replicate the flavour and sensation of your favourite alcoholic drinks, like SpritzISH (Aperol Spritz alternative), GinISH (Gin and Tonic alternative), and a Dark and Stormy using their RumISH base paired with StrangeLove Dry Ginger Ale

“We make it easier to be a mindful drinker.” Morten Sorensen – ISH Drinks

For Morten the point is not to not drink. The point is to have conscious choices available. And that’s what ISH delivers. A fantastic range of drinks that makes making a good decision easy.