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Luke Boase Lucky Saint Wisecrack Drinks

The English are proud of their beers. There’s nothing quite like a cosy English pub with its own beer brewed on premises. Unless you don’t drink. Then what do you do?

For Englishman and Lucky Saint founder Luke Boase the answer seemed simple enough. Brew your own non alcoholic beer. Easy solution, with one small problem. He couldn’t convince anyone in England to do it for him. Go make fizzy drinks they told him. No one wants non alcoholic beer.

And in the words of Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman: Big mistake. Big. Huge. Now so many people want non alcoholic beer that it's outstripping sales of alcoholic beer! But back to the story...

Luke knew for a non alcoholic beer to be successful it had to taste amazing. So he quit his job, moved to Germany and put himself through beer-iversity. Which essentially meant drinking quite a lot of non alcoholic beer. Because it turns out the Germans have been making it for years! (Wisecrack stocks quite a few).

“I wanted to change how the world thought about alcohol free beer: from the perception, to the product, to the experience.” Luke Boase – Founder, Lucky Saint

A year of product development started, culminating in a unique unfiltered brew, using a specially formulated yeast. And Lucky Saint is brewed in compliance with Germany’s ancient and notoriously strict Purity Laws. It’s that attention to detail that makes Lucky Saint a truly amazing beer.