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Sam Manning Monday Distillery Wisecrack Drinks

With a background in botanicals and beverages, Sam Manning was perfectly placed to develop an outstanding range of non alcoholic drinks. But it wasn't until it became personal that she decided to create Monday Distillery. Wanting something better than sickly sodas or flat sparkling water on the nights she wanted to go out and not drink became the impetus she needed.

And as someone with a preference for adult beverages that don't contain alcohol, it just got really boring hearing people ask the same old questions whenever she ordered something non alcoholic...

“Are you pregnant?”

 “Are you sick?”

 “Why aren’t you drinking?”

So she responded by crafting a lineup of beautifully composed mixed drinks, such as Monday Paloma and Monday G&T that stand up against alcohol so well that they beg the question: why even bother with the alcohol? Now Sam can have a good time and stay elegantly composed, ready to deal with the demands of the next day without feeling woozy, and so can we. 

These days, the only question Sam gets when it comes her drink choice is, “Can I have a sip?”.