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Word from the wise Gaya Ananda

Who: Gaya Ananda
Lives: Singapore
Does: Tech Marketing

I was a late bloomer - if you call drinking blooming (it’s probably more like shrinking!) - I only started drinking alcohol when I was 25 years old (after I graduated from Uni). Friday night dance sessions somehow went hand in hand with Vodka sodas. Fast forward to my mid to late thirties, and drinking was more about enjoying nice wine over fancy dinners and networking sessions.

But with the lock down, my drinking accelerated. I started drinking at home a lot more. There were no more business trips or holidays away, so any socialising was centred around eating and drinking, and more eating and drinking!

I started to gain weight. My hangovers got worse, even after just a couple of drinks, because I was drinking more frequently. I became desperate to return to my social-without-alcohol self.

So I changed my ways. I still enjoy a drink (2-3 litres of water a day, Ovant Grace for a non alcoholic drink, and I don’t mind a Negroni), but I put the time and energy I used to spend on drinking into other things. 

Now I'm into pursuing my learn-a-new-skill mission on the weekends. And honestly, people don’t seem to care if you drink anymore. Being healthy is trending these days! 

I’ve moved into a phase of my life now where I value feeling alert and being “on my game”. I go out, but these days I wake up with sore feet instead of a sore head!

I’m the ultimate social butterfly, so I don’t actually need alcohol to have a good time. I’m passionate about people and love hearing their stories and telling mine - which I can do that better when I drink less. And I've realised, because I'm actually a secret introvert who loves her own company, alcohol just gets in the way.