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Moa Gurbuzer Oddbird at Wisecrack Drinks Singapore

"Question everything", that's Moa Gurbuzer's philosophy. And it's worked. She's a family therapist changing how we engage with alcohol. And long before the mindful drinking trend took off, she was on a quest to make a difference. That difference culminated in creating her pioneering non alcoholic sparkling brand, Oddbird, in 2013.

As a family therapist and social worker in Sweden, Moa was regularly faced with all the downsides that alcohol caused for her clients (weight, disease, unhappiness, family issues, control over life, and job and money problems). She knew the solution was simple: "reduce your drinking", but helping people generate the willpower they need to make a change was much harder.

So she looked at the problem differently:

What if people can continue to drink but simply change what they drink? In essence, Moa decided to go after bringing about a structural change in the relationship that society has with alcohol. Hence, the Oddbird tagline: Liberated from alcohol!

And that is the brainchild behind Odd Bird. And Moa's goal is that the question “Do you want your wine with or without alcohol?”, becomes as common as “Do you want your coffee with or without milk?”. The amazing range of Oddbird sparkling wines certainly makes that choice a lot easier and a lot more satisfying. Sample the Oddbird Blanc de Blanc, Oddbird Spumante, Oddbird Sparkling Rose