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Enjoy non alcoholic drinks anywhere. Even underwater!

If you're not drinking alcohol, you can still go out and party, no problem. The non alcoholic drinking scene has got to be the most inclusive and flexible way to enjoy socialising, because everyone can join in! And you can join in with people who are drinking alcohol too. Win win!

Who they’re for

Everyone! There’s this misconception that alcohol free drinks are for non-drinkers, but that’s just not true. Alcohol free drinks are for anyone who doesn't want to drink alcohol (for one drink, one night, one month, or one life) but still wants an adult drink. They're for anyone who wants to go out and drink but feel better in the morning. They're not just for non-drinkers, they're for anyone who drinks alcohol. It’s all about choice. The only thing that alcohol alternatives are replacing is the fact that water, tea, coffee or soft drinks are your only options. Not anymore!

When to enjoy them

Non alcoholic drinks have many applications. Use them when you’re:

  • pregnant
  • keeping fit
  • the designated driver
  • at work functions
  • entertaining clients
  • need to focus
  • need to wake up early the next day
  • cutting down on sugar and calories
  • needing an adult drink with no downsides

Where to get them

You’ve come to the right place. Wisecrack sells a curated selection of the best no alcoholic Beers, Sparklings, Ciders, Aperitifs, Ready-To-Drinks (RTD), and mixers.

How to make them

Open and pour! Alcohol alternatives are easy to use. Apart from spirits, you can drink each category straight from the bottle or can. Cocktails and mixed drinks can be made from non alcoholic spirits the same way as their alcoholic counterparts – it’s just about perfecting the measure and ratio of spirit to mixer. You can even mix them with alcohol if you like. If you don’t want to mix drinks, just go straight to the RTD’s - these are some of our faves among what’s on offer – perfect, single serves of great-tasting non alcoholic Spritz, G&T, Mojito and Bellini.

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Image courtesy of Pawel Czerwinski