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Zero alcohol doesn't mean zero fun

You’re in the pub with your mates. You go up to the bar. You get talking to the person next to you. They buy you a drink. You talk some more. They get your phone number. Two years later you’re walking down the aisle while Etta James sings At Last.

Every day. Around the world. On repeat. The “met drunk in a pub/ bar/nightclub” story is a classic. But sober dating is now a thing. So what happens when you remove the alcohol?

Let’s just put this to rest right now: you don’t need to be drunk to hook up. Revelation? Not so. We know you know this.

In fact, we happen to think you might suspect - way down deep inside - that fun, mischief, shenanigans and downright dirtiness are capable of taking place when you’re stone cold sober.

It’s possible to dance all night, have illuminating conversations, make music, toss around ideas, go on a spontaneous adventure, bare your soul, set pranks and do wild and outlandish things. All this and more happened when you were younger. Remember?

OK, there’s no denying that alcohol can be a great protagonist in all of this. It’s just that the older we get, the more we come to think that we need alcohol to fuel these things. That they can’t happen on their own.

Maybe it’s uni days or work culture that did it. Somehow we reached the freedom of our early twenties and became brainwashed into thinking that you could bottle fun. And then: that fun only started if a bottle or 12 was involved. It became easier to believe that alcohol was the thing that broke down barriers, removed inhibitions and opened up opportunities. Until it didn’t anymore.

The reality is, alcohol has probably been the cause of you slapping your forehead the morning after more times that it has prompted you to high five yourself for the excellent choices you made while under the influence.

Sure, you may meet the love of your life drunk in a pub. But you could just as easily meet them sober in a pub too. Because, spoiler alert: it’s not the alcohol that’s making you attractive.

Giving up the social lubrication and going it alone out there can be daunting. And we’re not advocating that you banish booze from your life completely (we still partake). Just give yourself a chance to explore some fun and give your confidence a test run without it sometimes.

You might surprise yourself. Or someone else.

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Image courtesy of Wyron A