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Chris Wilfred Hughes Wilfred's Aperitif at Wisecrack Dribks

Who do you think of when it comes to crafting amazing non alcoholic drinks? Bartenders in New York? For sure. Brewers in Germany? Yep. Winemakers in Australia? Of course. An engineer in London with an MBA from one of the world’s leading business school. Wait a minute…

Chris Wilfred Hughes should probably be nerding it up crunching numbers at an investment bank or designing bridges. But nah, when you love inventing and cocktails like Chris does, there’s only one thing for it. Reinvent the spritz! So Chris created Wilfred’s.

Being an engineer he was methodical about his task. For eighteen months he rigorously and carefully experimented with botanicals from all over the world to came up with more than 100 different non alcoholic recipes before settling on his beautifully bittersweet aperitif.  

“It’s sunshine in a glass.” Chris Wilfred Hughes – Founder, Wilfred’s

The winning recipe has the scent and flavour of a British summer. After searching the globe, Chris drew on the flavours of rosemary from his Mum’s garden and oranges from his Dad’s bitter marmalade to bring Wilfred’s together. It’s so good that it was named Britain’s No.1 Non Alcoholic Drink at the 2020 Great British Food Awards. But we think of it as the perfect summer spritz for all year round.