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Wisecrack Rachel Teo

Who: Rachel Teo
Lives: Singapore
Loves: My family, pilates and championing women in small business!
Does: Owner of No.23 Collective

I’m a lifelong non-drinker. Not because I don’t like alcohol, but because I can’t process it. That means, if I drink alcohol, I just go straight to not feeling well. But I don’t feel like I’m missing out, because the buzz people get seems fleeting to me.

With alcohol, it looks more like people are trying to escape than have a great time. Which I totally get, because we all need a break. As someone who doesn’t drink, I’ve had to find other ways to do this.

I use nature, exercise, music and dance, sensorial experiences, and community to give me a fix. Based on my observations, I’d say that these things give me a longer lasting and higher quality feeling of wellbeing than alcohol. At the end of the day, I think it comes down to what you’re trying to achieve when you drink/escape.

Are you trying to dull and disconnect or are you trying to reconnect and find yourself again?

If it’s the former there might be something destructive going on, which is why alcohol might be enticing. If you want to reconnect, you’re probably more open to activities other than drinking to make make you feel good.

If the pandemic has shown me anything, it’s that maintaining positive ways to cope is essential...

Personally, my health is an absolute priority. I want to continue enjoying running my marketing business, and time with my family, so that means being conscious about how I treat body and brain. Date night with the hubby has been a highlight under these restrictions, but I’d love a group celebration anytime soon – just because I don’t drink alcohol, doesn’t mean I don’t want to go out and drink (alternatives) with friends!