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Monday Paloma Singapore Wisecrack Drinks

Monday Paloma

Who said tequila always ends badly?

300ml / 30cl
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0.2 calories / 100ml
0.1g carbs / 100ml of which sugars 0.1g
gluten free
vegan friendly

Taste Profile





The Why

Ahhh, the Paloma. Grapefruit and tequila are just such a great mix. And that's what this tastes like. But without the booze. Our new happy place is right here. Get it in your hands.

The When

The Paloma is an afternoon drink. And so is this. But in Singapore it's also an evening drink. The heat goes on, so should the refreshment.

The Who

Origin: Australia
Made in Australia by a self proclaimed New Age beverage company. We don't know what that means. But we do know they don't use any sugar or any alcohol anywhere in their process, and produce damn good drinks. That'll do us.

The With

Even though we said the Paloma is an afternoon drink...the grapefruit makes this perfect to have with brunch. We dare you.