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Non alcoholic drinks from Germany

Get German alcohol free drinks in Singapore

Non alcoholic drinks from Germany that'll make you say danke schön

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  • Monchschof Naturtrub's Alcohol Free
    Traditional unfiltered German ale. With a swing top!
    500ml / 50cl
  • Jever Fun Pilsner
    It's got "fun" on the label. What more do you need to know?
    330ml / 33cl
  • Bavaria 0.0 Wit
    Keep your "wits" about you...with this alcohol-free wheat beer.
    330ml / 33cl
  • Fritz Müller Sparkling Wine
    Light, fun and fruity enjoyment.
    750ml / 75cl
more about this collection
There's nothing like a non alcoholic craft beer from Germany. Hard to distinguish between the hard version. But little known fact - they do some decent sparkling too. And we stock them!