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Relax. Here's everything you need to know about non alcoholic drinks

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    Stuff about non alcoholic drinking

    I don’t get it…there’s no alcohol in your drinks? +

    Yes and no, it depends on the product. We believe in bringing you the best alcohol alternatives available. That always means fabulous flavours. And most of the time it means no alcohol. Sometimes though, we find an awesome drink with low booze that we reckon you’ll love. So, we have low alcohol drinks as well. But we’ll always be up front about the presence of alcohol in our drinks.

    So, it’s safe to drink if I’m pregnant, taking medicine or intolerant to alcohol? +

    You're having a baby - congrats! But please check with your doctor as we're not experts in this area. Same goes for any other medical concerns you might have. Most drinks we stock contain less than 0.5% alcohol, which is generally considered to be non-alcoholic. So our range is unlikely to have a negative effect, but it's better to be safe than sorry. FYI: alcohol occurs naturally at greater than 0.5% in some foods we consume on a daily basis, like orange juice, bread and kombucha. If any of our products contains more than 0.5% alcohol we’ll point it out in the product description.

    Great, so I can just jump in the car and drive? +

    We've not been hanging out with you so this is your call. If you've only been drinking non-alcoholic or alcohol-free products it should have no impact on your ability to drive. However, if you've mixed your drink with alcohol, or otherwise feel like it might not be safe to drive, you should arrange alternative transport.

    What’s the point if there is no (or low) alcohol? +

    It's funny that we question why we wouldn't drink alcohol instead of why we do. Because we know ethanol is harmful and full of carcinogens. But society has conditioned us to believe that drinking booze is the socially acceptable thing to do, and not drinking is the questionable choice (there's some marketing people having the last laugh somewhere!). So the point is, we're giving you the option to have all the fun and none of the consequences. Non alcoholic drinks taste great, help you join in, satisfy the desire for that relaxing ritual, have less sugar and calories than alcohol, and can be used in conjunction with whatever your existing drinking preferences are. Still not convinced? We're not here to change your mind. But if you want to be able to keep drinking and feel better, you might want to check non alcoholic drinks out.

    Can I have too much of a good thing? +

    Of course! But is it good for you? Not so much. We've all learnt the hard way that moderation is a virtue, right? Non alcoholic drinks are just one thing that might make finding that balance a bit easier. We encourage you to enjoy our products in a way that meets your personal dietary needs. However, with no (or less) alcohol, sugar, allergens and calories than their alcoholic equivalents, most of us can enjoy non alcoholic drinks without restriction.

    Non alcoholic? Alcohol free? Dealcoholised? No/lo? Sober curious? Colour me confused and pour me a drink! +

    Fair point. The no/lo movement has exploded in the last few years, and we’re all still learning who’s who in the zoo. Let's try and name some of the bigger beasts for you.

    Non alcoholic is a pretty broad term used for versions of traditional drinks with no or very little alcohol. Non alcoholic beer is the king of this particular corner of the jungle. Brewed traditionally to match the flavour and aroma of traditional beer, but with no or ultra low alcohol levels. The rules vary from country to country, but generally you can call something non alcoholic if it has an alcohol level of 0.5% or less (in comparison to a standard beer with a level of around 5% or wine with between 11% - 15%).

    Alcohol free means what it says. This is the space where a lot of the new wave of alcohol free spirits play. Many of them are created using water distillation or blending of alcohol free base components to mimic the flavours of traditional alcoholic spirits.

    Dealcoholised these drinks start off with alcohol, but then have the alcohol stripped out. This is the technique most commonly used to make non alcoholic wine. In the past it produced results of questionable value as the filtration process that took out the alcohol also took out the flavour! And sadly this is still generally the case...but when we find a good wine you'll be the first to know.

    No/lo is a funky little neologism that means “no-alcohol and lo-alcohol”. It captures the worldwide movement of people who want to drink less alcohol without sacrificing the flavours and rituals of having a drink.

    Sober curious is a way some people choose to say that they are re-examining their relationship with alcohol and generally trying to drink less. It comes from the title of a book by Ruby Warrington that is a bit of a manifesto for people exploring the no/lo lifestyle. And it’s a hashtag. So get social with your new found no/lo bevvies...and tag Wisecrack as well.

    Stuff about us

    What does Wisecrack mean? +

    It's about making good choices without taking yourself too seriously. It's about equal parts smart and smartarse. It's about not having to give things up, just doing them differently. It's about not changing your whole life to feel better, just putting something better in your glass.

    Who are you? +

    We're three people embracing a lower alcohol approach to life. This is us. We still enjoy an alcoholic drink from time to time, but we've cut back so we can do more. We're not about to give up the good times though. And that’s why we’re here: to find the best no/lo options so we keep having fun today and tomorrow.

    Why should I trust you? +

    Good question! Essentially, we’re opening our drinks cabinet to you. We drink everything we sell. And we only drink things we really enjoy. We’re not distributors for any mega brands. We don’t get kick-backs and discounts for stocking certain items. All we want to do is share the best we can find with you. Trust us because this is personal and from the heart.

    Stuff about non alcoholic drink products

    Do they taste the same as their alcoholic equivalents? +

    Some do. Some don’t. But they all taste fab. That’s our promise to you. Some products are specifically created to match the flavours and aromas of their alcoholic counterparts as closely as possible. And they do it pretty well! Others are trying to do something different, exploring different flavours and aromatic profiles that you might not be able to experience when alcohol is part of the drink. And these can be very tasty indeed!

    How do I drink your products? +

    Most non-alcoholic drinks are designed to be drunk in the same way as their alcoholic equivalents are. For beer, we’re talking frosty mugs. For spirits, grab your swizzle sticks and mix up your favourite cocktail, served with style in the fanciest vessel you have. Maybe even use a tiki cup and stick a cocktail umbrella in it. You can even use some of the spirits and sparkling in conjunction with alcohol. But the way we like to drink them best is just straight up on weeknights when we need a fix but have to wake up fresh the next morning (and on nights out, we like to alternate alcohol and non alcoholic drinks one for one so we last longer and don't feel too rough the next day). But back to actual drink concoctions...If you need some inspiration you can check out some of our favourite cocktail recipes on our blog page.

    How long can your products be kept for? +

    Unlike wine, non-alcoholic drinks generally don’t improve with age. So don’t go trying to create a no/lo cellar to pass onto the grandkids! Our products are ready for consumption as soon as you receive them (maybe pop 'em in the fridge to chill them to the perfect imbibing temperature). Every product we stock will have a different best before date. Have a quick look on the label or the bottom of the bottle.

    How do I store your products? +

    We generally recommend storing in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight until opening. After opening (if there is any left!) store in the fridge with the original closure in place. But always check the bottle itself for any specific storage recommendations.

    Can children drink your products? +

    There is no reason children cannot drink alcohol free and non alcoholic drinks, but we generally recommend against this. Most of our products are crafted to appeal to adult palates and to form part of adult rituals. So, the little ones probably won’t enjoy them. Our products also look very similar to alcohol and that might create confusion in young minds about what they can and can’t drink. It might be best to avoid this altogether by keeping all the adult drinks out of the hands of the kids.

    Stuff about shipping

    Where do you deliver to? +

    Anywhere in Singapore except restricted zones where delivery drivers cannot enter without registration such as army camps, ports and airports.

    What do you charge for shipping? +

    Delivery is free on orders $50 and above. We charge from SGD$9 for orders SGD$49 and below.

    How long will my delivery take? +

    We deliver the next day on all orders placed before midday from Monday to Friday. Orders placed on Saturday will be delivered on Monday. Orders placed on Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday.

    What is the cut-off time for next day delivery? +

    To receive next day delivery, place your order by midday on Monday to Friday. If you order after this time and need your order urgently, leave us a message at checkout and we'll let you know if we can accommodate your request. Please note additional charges may apply.

    Do you offer express shipping? +

    This can be arranged on request. Please leave a message at checkout and we'll let you know if we can accommodate your request. Please note additional charges may apply.

    What time do you deliver? +

    For orders where next day delivery is applicable (order placed by midday) we deliver morning, afternoon or evening.

    Are there delivery time slots I can choose from? +

    Yes, select your preference at checkout and we will try to accomodate your request.

    Can I collect my order from you myself? +

    Yes, we'd love to see you! We're not always in the warehouse though (someone has to make those deliveries!), so select the self collection option at checkout and let us know when you'd like to come by. We are in and out between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

    Do you deliver on public holidays? +

    Not usually, but if you require this service please leave a message at checkout and we'll let you know if we can accommodate your request. Please note additional charges may apply.

    What happens if I'm not home when you deliver? +

    We'll leave your order at your door. If it's not possible to do so, or we think it unwise to leave the item unattended, we'll send you a message to schedule a second delivery.

    Why can't I get a call prior to delivery? +

    Our drivers are on the road working to deliver all orders on time so it's not possible to phone before delivery.

    Who will deliver my item? +

    We use commercial delivery companies and dedicated drivers based on the order size (weight) and value, with efforts made to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Where is my delivery now? +

    Once your order has left our warehouse it will be with our delivery contractor. Please get in touch if you require further information.

    Can you deliver to PO boxes? +

    No because the items are too bulky.

    Why did I receive my drinks in packaging different to the brand I ordered from +

    We re-purpose the packaging that we receive our stock in to reduce wastage.

    Do you deliver chilled drinks? +

    Not usually, but for particularly large orders or events we will try to help out. Please leave a message at checkout and we'll let you know if we can accommodate your request. Please note additional charges may apply.

    What happens if I received the wrong item? +

    We apologise! That shouldn't have happened. Please get in touch and we'll make it right.

    What happens if my item was damaged during shipping? +

    We apologise! That shouldn't have happened. Please email us within 2 days of receiving your products, include a photo of the damage and we will follow up with our delivery contractor so we can replace or refund the item.

    Stuff about returns

    I changed my mind, can I return my item? +

    We're happy to provide an exchange or refund. Please email us within 7 days of receipt to arrange. To be eligible for an exchange or refund, please ensure the item is unopened and in its original condition. Please note that additional charges may apply for re-collection.

    I don't like my item, can I return it? +

    We want you to enjoy your non alcoholic drinking experience, but we don't refund or replace opened items based on personal preferences. If you don't like the taste of the product you ordered then it might take a bit of trial and error to find what you're looking for. Get in touch if you'd like us to make some recommendations.

    My item doesn't look or taste right, what should I do? +

    We check every item that leaves our warehouse, but if you have concerns about the quality of your item please email us within 7 days or receipt to share your feedback so we can investigate and rectify the issue for you.

    I received the wrong item, how do I return it? +

    We apologise! That shouldn't have happened. Please get in touch and we'll make it right.

    When will my refund be processed? +

    You'll receive a store credit once we've processed the returned item at our warehouse. If you'd prefer a refund, just let us know.

    How do I change or cancel my order? +

    Send us an email or call us as soon as you can. If your order has not yet been sent out for delivery, we can cancel the order for you.

    What happens if a part of my order is broken? +

    We apologise! That shouldn't have happened. Please email us within 2 days of receiving your products, include a photo of the damage and we will follow up with our delivery contractor so we can replace or refund the item.

    Stuff about packaging and recycling

    What will my order be delivered in? +

    We use recyclable cardboard boxes and stuff them with repurposed filling material that we make ourselves to prevent breakages. Please re-use boxes and dispose of thoughtfully.

    What filling do you use in the boxes? +

    In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce our own waste, we make our own filling from recycled boxes and paper that come from our deliveries from suppliers. We imported the HSM ProfiPack C400 machine to do so. It’s the first of its kind in Singapore that we're aware of.

    Why was my beer delivered in a plastic crate? +

    We currently stock a couple of European beer brands that don't repackage their drinks for export from crates into cardboard boxes. It's not economical or environmentally friendly to send them back to the EU, so we reuse them here for deliveries. so at least we save a box that would otherwise have been used for delivery. We're open to suggestions for other sustainable business practices.

    Can I return the crate to you? +

    You're welcome to return the crate to our warehouse if you like but we have to dispose of it in the same way you would. So we suggest trying to repurpose it. We are currently looking at how we might turn them into stools!