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Bavaria 0.0 Wit

Keep your "wits" about you...with this alcohol-free wheat beer

330ml / 33cl
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24 calories / 100ml
6.4 g carbs / 100ml
contains gluten
vegan friendly

Taste Profile





The Why

A cloudy, light gold coloured wheat beer. A fantastic wheat aroma and the banana, coriander and citrus notes you expect from a wheat beer. This is a sweet style, so stay away if you're feeling bitter.

The When

Wheat beers are always sweeter than their traditional cousins, and this is at the sweeter end of the spectrum. So it will appeal to lovers of the style, and might be a bit much for those who favour a hop forward style of beer. But it's well made and very tasty. With food? You bet! Cooling down on a hot afternoon? For sure! Refreshing through the evening. Absolutely.

The Who

Origin: Germany
Made by the Swinkel Family Brewery in Bavaria (of course). The family has brewed beer for more than 300 years and they still malt their own barley (not really relevant to wheat beer, but still, it shows the commitment) and use water from their own spring.