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Bilpin Non Alcoholic Apple & Ginger Cider
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Bilpin Non Alcoholic Apple & Ginger Cider

Mmmm…cider with a spicy bite!

330ml / 33cl
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43 calories / 100ml
10.1g carbs, of which sugars 9.9g
gluten free
vegan friendly

The Why

Fancy your cider with a bit of kick? Try the crispy freshness of Bilpin’s original cider (yum!) with the added kick of some subtle ginger (oooh!). Delicious! If you sometimes find cider a little sweet, the ginger in this one takes the edge off and adds some lovely complexity to the drink. Really tasty stuff.

The When

If someone’s drinking a beer, then that’s the right time to have a cider. Maybe a touch on the sweet side for meals, but perfect to wind down the day or kick off the evening, Or even a cheeky pick-me-up during the day.

The Who

Origin: Australia
Bilpin is a town in the Blue Mountains, just outside Sydney. It’s known as “The Land of the Mountain Apple”. And home to the Bilpin Cider Company. Is there a connection? Hard to tell…but we do know that Bilpin has just the right altitude and aspect to produce the most amazing apples. So, maybe building a cidery there does make some sense…