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Since 1965, a sip of the Italian sunset

100ml / 10cl
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61 calories / 100ml
15g carbs / 100ml, of which sugars 15g
gluten free
vegan friendly

Taste Profile




The Why

A beautifully constructed aperitif. Just the right balance of bitter and sweet, with the citrus and herbaceous qualities to give it all the right complexity.

The When

Born and bred in Italy for the aperitivo. The only time to drink this is as the sun goes down. Preferably overlooking the piazza...or just sitting on the balcony watching a Singapore thunderstorm. Whatevs.

The Who

Origin: Italy
Part of the Campari group. You know, the ones that pretty much invented the aperitif. They know what they're doing!

The With

This is made to be ready to go straight from the bottle. Just add ice, and an orange zest if you're feeling fancy.