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Fritz Müller Sparkling Wine

Light, fun and fruity enjoyment.

750ml / 75cl
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The Why

Made from the German Müller-Thurgau grape. It's fresh and fruity. Think green apples and grapefruit. But held together in harmony by a traditonal white wine flavour profile, closest to Muscat. It's lightly frizzante, rather than really bubbly.

The When

This really screams Spritz. Maybe add some Martini Vibrante and an orange slice. But it'll work well by itself. Drink it when the sun goes down. Or for brunch. Or for baby showers. Or birthdays. Or Mondays. Because you can.
Recipe: Fritz Ice Tea

The Who

Origin: Germany
Made by two Germans who wanted to create a German take on Prosecco. They've nailed it. They idetified just the right grape type, just the right vineyard and have made something pretty fantastic.

The With

If German booze means Beerfest, be prepared to be very pleasantly and non-alcoholically surprised.