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Grolsch 0.0%

World Beer Award WINNER! Best Dutch Light Beer.

330ml / 33cl
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The Why

Ler's be honest. This is a light lager. It's not trying to be anything else. But is it any good? Absolutely. Pale golden in colour, malty and bready with gentle hops bitterness and a crisp finish. Super easy to drink.

The When

This stands up right next to a regular Grolsch and doesn't take a backwards step. Whenever and wherever you'd drink regular Grolsch you can drink this and feel no regrets. Now or in the morning. Because, you know, no hangovers.

The Who

Origin: The Netherlands
Made by Grolsch. They're a giant commercial brewery. But what they do they do well indeed.

The With

While it's not a big deal anymore, Grolsch was the first brewery to brew with two kinds of hops. In the 1600s. Which was pretty revolutionary at the time.