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Heineken 0.0

It's Heineken. With a

250ml / 25cl
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The Why

It's Heineken. But this one is brewed by the masters back in Holland, not under license in Singapore. It's lighter, with a finer head and a crisper finish than the stuff made here. It also comes in a funkier bottle. So it looks cooler as well as tasting better. 
At heart it's a light lager. There's not much else to say. Very well executed by the Dutch, though. Yes, indeed! Crisp, lightly aromatic, pleasantly bitter but with enough malt sweetness that it's the complete package.

The When

Heineken reckon you should drink this in the gym. Who are we to argue? And at work. That probably depends on your boss. But why not? It's easy drinking, very refreshing and alcohol free. So why shouldn't you? If you're not feeling that adventurous, maybe stick to the pool, parties, BBQs, lunch and dinner. That seems like enough.

The Who

Origin: The Netherlands
Part of the Heineken mega-brewery. What you lose in romanticism you make up for in quality and consistency. Their beers know what they are and deliver on that promise flawlessly, time after time.