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Jever Fun Pilsner

It's got "fun" on the label. What more do you need to know?

330ml / 33cl
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The Why

A Belgian pilsner style. Brewed in Germany. Confused? Don't be. It's a crisp light lager style, with a fairly bitey hop finish. 32 IBU (that's International Bitter Units if you're not a beer nerd) make it a standout among non-alcoholic brews.

The When

This is definitely a poolside / BBQ / afternoon sundown beer. Not heavy enough to be a real food beer, but very pleasant indeed with snacks and a few laughs.

The Who

Origin: Germany
Made by one of Germany's most storied breweries with all that implies. German precision and commitment to the German beer purity laws ensuring only the best water, malt and hops are used.

The With

It's name is "Fun". It is what it says on the label!