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Leffe Blond 0.0 Singapore Wisecrack Drinks
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Leffe Blond 0.0

A classic Belgian abbey wheat beer, liberated from alcohol.

330ml / 33cl
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Taste Profile





The Why

Like most wheat beers this is definitely a sweeter brew. Lots of banana and spice, with a touch of citrus and malt to balance everything out.

The When

This is a one or two beer beer. Probably not something to drink all afternoon in the sun, but for a sundowner or with dinner this is just perfect.

The Who

Origin: Belgium
Brewed as a variation on the very popular Leffe Blond, calling on a history of abbey brewing that goes back to the 12th century.

The With

The monks in the abbey are probably turning in their graves with the idea of a non-alcoholic beer!