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Leitz Riesling
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Leitz Riesling

“…simply the best…more vinous than anything else I’ve tasted.” Julia Bainbridge, NYC food critic & no/lo champion.

750ml / 75cl
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24 calories / 100 mls
4.9g carbs, of which sugars 4.9g
gluten free

Taste Profile





The Why

The wine that made us believe non alcoholic wine is possible. It’s a true Riesling in an off-dry style. So, slightly sweet but with lovely balanced acid. Primary notes of citrus and lime with crisp apples and maybe even a little rhubarb...a long fresh delicately acidic finish.

The When

When you want a glass of non alcoholic wine to taste like wine. There’s not many that tick that box. But this one does, yes indeed.

The Who

Origin: Germany
The Leitz family have links to winemaking going back to at least 1744. The current winemaker, Johannes took the reins in 1985 and transformed a sleepy traditional vineyard into one of the most successful in Germany, a true pioneer of modern European winemaking.

The With

An off-dry Riesling is traditionally served as an aperitif or with lunch. And who are we to argue!