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The local hero

500ml / 50cl
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The Why

This is something completely out of the box. It's an aperitif style for sure, but with botanicals that Campari hasn't even heard of. It's rich and herbal, with a fruity and berry sweetness, but with distinctive Asian tropical notes. Look at that, it's so good we're talking like wine snobs. This is really one to try first, ask questions later.

The When

The team at Melati reckon this is perfect just with soda at any time of the day. But then they go and put 15 cocktail recipes on their website that look like perfect pairings for lunch and dinner. So check it out and make it their way!
Recipe: Melati Sling

The Who

Origin: Singapore
Inspired by botanicals from the founder's childhood home in Bali. Handmade in Singapore. This is local and global all at the same time. A truly Asian take on the aperitif.

The With

It's made with cold extracted active botanicals might even be good for you. Maybe? But it's definitely not bad for you and it tastes fantastic. Which is good enough!