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Monschof Naturab Alcohol Free Singapore Wisecrack
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Monchshof Naturtrub's Alcohol Free

Traditional unfiltered German ale. With a swing top!

500ml / 50cl
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The Why

A very traditional German light ale. Unfiltered, so it's nice and cloudy. Fuller bodied with a lingering finish.

The When

A lovely ale that has the strength of character to work well with food. Probably not the first thing to drink when you get back from a run, but very pleasant to enjoy with a meal.

The Who

Origin: Germany
Some beers are old school in style. Monchshof Naturtrub is quite literally old school. 672 years old school. The brewery was founded as part of a monastery in frickin' 1349 and they've been making beer ever since. If they haven't got it right by now...