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Monday G&T
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Monday G&T

It's OK to drink on a Sunday!

300ml / 30cl
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0.2 calories / 100ml
0.1g carbs / 100ml of which sugars 0.1g
gluten free
vegan friendly

Taste Profile





The Why

A familiar taste with a modern twist. Bold tonic flavours swirl with well-rounded juniper and rosemary botanical undertones.

The When

Drink this whenever you need something a little adult. Made with gin botanicals and given a tonic twist with sea salt, this is very much for when the big kids are out to play.

The Who

Origin: Australia
Made in Australia by a self proclaimed New Age beverage company. We don't know what that means. But we do know they don't use any sugar or any alcohol anywhere in their process, and produce damn good drinks. That'll do us.

The With

Have with a meal. Have with friends. Just have it because it's great.