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Oddbird Rose

French Chardonnay. With bubbles. And it's pink!

750ml / 75cl
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The Why

Made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the two key grapes in champagne, grown in France. This is fun, lively and the life of the party. Summer red berries and citrus flavours are the big ones here. The Pinot Noir adds some more body to deliver a mouth filling pink sparkler.

The When

A fair few steps from champagne, and defintiely more complex than a prosecco, this one is a little odd bird. But still delicious and still perfect for any day and time you want to celebrate.

The Who

Origin: Sweden
OK, so it's made in Sweden. Not renowed as world class vignerons are the Swedes. Buuuuuut...Oddbird uses grapes from the greatest wine growing regions in Italy and France to create their wines and a patented process to liberate the alcohol. Sure it's a bit odd, but it delivers the goods.

The With

Founded by a family therapist who spent her career treating people with alcohol issues. Oddbird speaks directly to the social need for better alternatives.