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Ovant Grace

Craft gin. None of the sin

700ml / 70cl
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1 calorie / 100ml
0g carbs & 0g sugars / 100ml
gluten free
vegan friendly

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The Why

"The birth of an icon" - that's what Master Sommelier Claire Thevenot called Ovant Grace. All of the flavour and complexity of the world's best craft gins but without the you know what.

The When

When you want a top shelf G&T without the G. Crisp, refreshing and perfect mixed with one of our Strangelove Light Tonics.
Recipe: The Reivival

The Who

Origin: Australia
Hand made in Margaret River, Western Australia. By a three Michelin starred sommelier, a winemaker and a lifestyle dude. What's that got to do with making alcohol-free gin? Who knows! But they've nailed this and produced something amazing.

The With

You gotta have this with tonic, friends and sunsets. Or dinner, or lunch. Or even brunch. Breakfast? Up to you, but one sip and you'll be looking for every chance to take another!