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As refreshing as a walk in the PARC.

375ml / 37.5cl
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15 calories / 100ml
1.4g carbs, of which none is sugar!
contains gluten
vegan friendly

Taste Profile





The Why

Super, super, super crisp. Dry and a little sharp. This is an incredible pilsner. A tight finish with delicate bitterness on the mid palate. It starts softly, with a touch of grapefruit across the lips, then draws you in with citrusy mid notes and a well-balanced finish that leaves you wanting more. Careful, this one’s a gulper! And it can be: look at the absence of calories and carbs!

The When

Whenever you’re thirsty. Seriously. It’s got NO calories or sugar. It’s practically begging you to drink it like water (which makes sense because apparently non alcoholic is isotonic!) Drinking this is better than a walk in the PARC.

The Who

Origin: Australia
Monceau, the Melbourne-based team behind this, started by making kombucha. What’s that got to do with beer? Very little. Until you dig a bit deeper. Kombucha and non alcoholic beer are all about getting one thing right: non alcoholic fermentation. And by practicing on kombucha first they had the process perfected by the time it came to brewing beer!