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Pistonhead Kustom Lager
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Pistonhead Kustom Lager

More crafty = more flavour!

330ml / 33cl
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21 calories / 100ml
4.7g carbs, of which sugars <0.5g
contains gluten
vegan friendly

Taste Profile





The Why

This is a hand crafted lager. You might even call it kustom made! It takes all your standard lager and turn all the levels up to 11.  Two malts and three hops, all Old World, combined to deliver a punchy pilsner style spice with a gentle hoppy bitterness. Soooo refreshing!

The When

This is crisp and drinkable enough to be a thirst quencher. But it has the spice and backbone to take you through lunch or dinner (breakfast even?).

The Who

Origin: Sweden
Brewed by Swedish craft beer legends Brutal Brewing.

The With

Super cool fact: The Pistonhead Foundation uses proceeds of beer sales to help young artists in need. Drink beer. Support a good cause. Perfect.