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RumISH non alcoholic rum Singapore Wisecrack
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AF rum? Boo-yah!

500ml / 50cl
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The Why

It's hard to nail an alcohol free rum. But shout out to the team at ISH - here it is! Madagascar vanilla and nutmeg along with baked apple create a lush flavour profile perfect for mixing.

The When

You want Daiquiris and Mojitos? We got RumISH! Anytime you want to get your rum on and keep your mindful. Pair with Strangelove Dry Ginger Ale and you have yourself the perfect non alcoholic Dark & Stormy. Boom!

The Who

Origin: Denmark
The vanguard of the European alcohol-free distillers. ISH were doing it first (well, almost) and they still do it best (well, one of the best). A focus on natural ingredients, authentic flavours and great drinks makes the ISH team our go to for alcohol-free spirits.

The With

We live in a tropical paradise. We deserve daiquris. Buy RumISH. Make daiquris. Simple.