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Savyll Gin & Tonic

Quintessentially English quaffing.

250ml / 25cl
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The Why

The Savyll Gin & Tonic was made by an English cocktail purist to be the quintessential English drink. Bitter, dry, with just the right twist of citrus. Traditional London Dry Gin botanicals give this little beauty a very familiar feel.
Savyll only use natural ingredients which sometimes create sediment and cloudiness. If you see any, give it a shake and you're good to go!

The When

The gin and tonic was originally designed to beat malaria in the tropics. To be drunk regularly and in quantity. Good advice that! As long as there's no booze involved! Which there isn't. So enjoy anytime.

The Who

Origin: UK
Created by a "dinner party mixologist" who wanted a break from the booze, Savyll have totally nailed the ready to drink cocktail. All the rights flavours, ready to go.