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Savyll Moscow Mule non alcoholic cocktail Singapore Wisecrack Drinks
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Savyll Moscow Mule

Drink up comrade!

250ml / 25cl
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The Why

It's the contrast that makes the Moscow Mule sing. And who wouldn't pay for a singing mule? Crisp mint and lime. Spicy ginger. A little bit of sweet. Mix 'em all up and you've got an LA Russians in sight.
Savyll only use natural ingredients which sometimes create sediment and cloudiness. If you see any, give it a shake and you're good to go!

The When

The Moscow Mule was cooked up (so to speak) in an LA bar one afternoon. So that's how we see it. It's a bit light for after dark. A bit fiery for brunch. But lunch? Afternoons by the pool? Now you're talking!

The Who

Origin: UK
Created by a "dinner party mixologist" who wanted a break from the booze, Savyll have totally nailed the ready to drink cocktail. All the rights flavours, ready to go.