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Savyll Whiskey Sour
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Savyll Whiskey Sour

No need to be a sailor – drink on dry land

330ml / 33cl
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27 calories / 100ml
9.5g carbs, of which sugars 3.7g
gluten free
vegan friendly

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The Why

A “sour” is a mixologist term for any cocktail made with a spirit, citrus and sugar syrup. In this case you’re getting bourbon, lemon and simple syrup. And what a combo it is! A touch of sweet vanilla from the bourbon with a lovely citrus tang for balance.
Savyll only use natural ingredients which sometimes creates sediment and cloudiness. If you see any, give your bottle a shake and you're good to go!

The When

This is an all year affair. The bourbon body makes it great for winter (or when you just want to crank up the aircon) and the citrus tang gives you the refreshment kick you need on a hot summer’s day (for when the a/c is on the fritz).

The Who

Origin: UK
Created by a "dinner party mixologist" who wanted a break from booze, the peeps at Savyll have totally nailed this ready to drink cocktail. All the right flavours, ready to go.

The With

Sours are arguably the oldest known cocktails. They descend from the punches that the British Navy used to serve to sailors in the 1700s. A spirit to keep you happy, a citrus to keep scurvy at bay and some sugar to help the medicine go down! “Professor” Jerry Thomas mentions them in the first definitive guide to cocktails published in 1862. Which you can read here!