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StrangeLove Dry Ginger Ale Singapore Wisecrack
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StrangeLove Dry Ginger Ale

Good for what ales you!

180ml / 18cl
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28 calories / 100ml
7g carbs / 100ml of which sugars 7g
gluten free
contains gluten

Taste Profile





The Why

Let's be honest. It's ginger ale. What's it going to taste like? Strawberry? But yeah, this tastes like delicious spicy Australian ginger. And the change up? Applewood smoked water! More complexity, more fun!

The When

You can mix this one with just about all of Wisecrack's spirits and aperitif's to create some amazing combinations. But it works really well with Ovant Royal. A match made in heaven.

The Who

Origin: Australia
An immaculate conception between two underachieving childhood friends produced an overachieving beverage brand known as StrangeLove. From a single ginger beer brewed up in 2012, to a comprehensive collection of Australia's best mixers, StrangeLove has always been focued on quality, Australian ingredients and eclectic flavours.

The With

Your Grandma probably used to drink dry ginger ale. Ours did. With two fingers of Johnnie Walker. Very old school. Well it's back, and more exciting than ever. Give it a try. Without the Johnnie. Maybe with some Ovant Royal?