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StrangeLove Light Tonic

Light is the new black.

180ml / 18cl
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The Why

Light in both form and function, this precise tonic water is one for the true believers. A light, delicate citrus profile that lets Wisecrack's range of non-alc gins shine. It's the “Top-shelf” Tony Robbins - the tonic that helps your favourite non-alcoholic gin fulfill its destiny.

The When

When should you use StrangeLove Light Tonic? When you want the best tonic money can buy. Or you want to make the best NA Gin and Tonic that money can mix.
Recipe: Melati Sling

The Who

Origin: Australia
An immaculate conception between two underachieving childhood friends produced an overachieving beverage brand known as StrangeLove. From a single ginger beer brewed up in 2012, to a comprehensive collection of Australia's best mixers, StrangeLove has always been focued on quality, Australian ingredients and eclectic flavours.

The With

Pair this with any of our white spirits. It works a treat.